Trekking Maps for Garmin : Installation

Česky | English
  1. Hungary - Hiking
    28. 5. 2024 22:03
  2. Russia - Volga Federal District - Winter
    28. 5. 2024 19:47
  3. Finland - Winter
    28. 5. 2024 16:24
  4. France - Hiking
    28. 5. 2024 13:51
  5. Lebanon - Hiking
    28. 5. 2024 06:51
  1. Great Britain - Hiking
  2. Belgium - Winter
  3. Spain - Hiking

Map Installation Tutorial

  1. Download the maps of the country you want from the Download section.
  2. Connect your GPS or its memory card to your PC.
  3. (If you are slightly paranoid), check if the SHA256 hash of the ZIP file is correct. If you don't know what I'm talking about, just ignore this step.
  4. Unpack the downloaded .zip file.
  5. Copy the .img file from the ZIP archive to the memory card. The map needs to be put to the correct directory, it is /garmin on my eTrex 30. There will probably already be some .img files.
  6. Switch on your GPS and check if the map displays. On my eTrex, it is in Settings -> Map -> Map Information, where you should see Turisticka mapa CR od V0174. If you have all the other maps switched off, it should be enough to display the map from the main menu.
  7. If your device didn't find the map, you probably either put it to the wrong directory or your GPS is really old and supports just one map - in such case you probably see a file named gmapsupp.img. If is it so, you need to rename the downloaded .img file to gmapsupp.img and overwrite the one in your GPS. But be careful! Back your old file up first or just rename it, it probably contains the original maps that you got with your device and you could lose them!

Showing the map in BaseCamp

After connecting your GPS with a map already uploaded (!) to your PC, the map should synchronize to BaseCamp (it can take up to a few minutes) and it should be possible to display it (menu Maps -> Map Product). I didn't test it in Mapsource.