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  1. Andorra - Hiking
    26. 10. 2021 15:46
  2. Estonia - Hiking
    26. 10. 2021 12:57
  3. Azerbaijan - Winter
    26. 10. 2021 09:57
  4. Italy - Winter
    26. 10. 2021 09:01
  5. Israel - Hiking
    26. 10. 2021 03:55
  1. Nepal - Hiking
  2. Iran - Hiking
  3. Czechia - Winter

Map download

One can download maps of some countries in the following regions:

There are maps of the following countries and regions for downloading on the Asia continent:

Most of the maps are regularly generated. That means that they are generated every few weeks from new Openstreetmap data. One-time generated maps were generated just when I needed them - generating them regularly is often not even possible because of the hardware limitations.


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Note: Including Nakhchivan and Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh)

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Note: Including Abkhazia and South Ossetia.

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India - North

Warning: This is an one-time generated map, it is not rendered regularly and it can be obsolete.

Note: The area is roughly north of Delhi included, mainly the Indian Himalayas. The contour resolution is just 25 m because of the map size.

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Note: Including Palestine

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