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11 Dec 4:35 - Resting.

Last maps:

  1. Faroe Islands
    11 Dec 2019 04:35
  2. Sweden
    11 Dec 2019 03:23
  3. Switzerland
    10 Dec 2019 23:15


  1. Iceland
  2. Norway
  3. Azerbaijan

10 Dec 2019: Řecko
It's not exactly the right season, but at least the flight tickets are cheap now :) A map of Greece at your service!

9 Dec 2019: Denmark
We're generating Denmark, now you won't get lost in one of the oldest ZOOs in the world in Copenhagen.

5 Dec 2019: Azerbaijan
We're generating Azerbaijan. The real reason is that I wanted to have all the three Caucasus countries complete and I felt it needs something lighter on the machine after all the recent big countries.

5 Dec 2019: Sweden - missing contours
In Sweden, there are contours missing in a few places on the coast. However at the places where you might need them, they should be OK.

5 Dec 2019: Generating Romania
I forgot to tell you that since 3 Dec we are generating Romaniawhich is steadily growing in popularity as a trekking destination.

4 Dec 2019: Generating Sweden
Did you know that Sweden was one of the best places in Europe for watching northern lights? Now you won't get lost there.

4 Dec 2019: English news added
English news (that is this box) added. Yes, I decided that I will translate it (just from now on).

About the Maps

You can find hiking/trekking maps of different countries here. The data are provided by the Openstreetmap project. Their main advantage is that they are legal to download and use for free (see the license). The main disadvantage is a possible incompleteness of the maps. The maps are created by the Openstreetmap contributors, if you find a mistake or a missing feature, you can correct it yourself.

The maps are generated mostly for the Czech audience, you might experience some Czech in map description or elsewhere - this is not a bug (I would have to re-generate the maps for a different language otherwise).

Maps of the countries currently generated (regularly generated in green, one-time generated in yellow):
Maps above by (CC BY-SA 4.0).

Map Updates

The maps are currently generated automatically once in a few weeks, which is enough for most uses. If you wanted even more actual map, or to change how things are displayed, I'm providing the mkgmap style files. You can read how to generate maps on a Openstreetmap Wiki page.

Smilar Projects

You can find several similar projects on the Internet already. A nice trekking maps for Czechia and Slovakia can be found on the page of Dave Luv. The maps have their own original style obviously written from scratch and one can see the amount of work invested. However I don't like the rendering of hiking routes and on my Garmin eTrex 30 the maps are too slow.

Nice maps on which I based mine are They don't have marked hiking trails and I changed most of the rendering, but I can recommend them for countries that I don't render (yet ;)).

Many hiking maps covering most of the world can be found on OSM-Garmin maps.

A customized hiking map of any area can be generated on

A nice list (in Czech) of where to download maps of different countries is on GpsFreeMaps.

Thanks and Sources


A few screenshots from my Garmin eTrex 30:

eTrex 30 screenshot 1 eTrex 30 screenshot 2

If you send me a few screenshots from your device, I will be happy to put it here.