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11 Dec 3:31 - Resting.

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  1. Sweden
    11 Dec 2019 03:23
  2. Switzerland
    10 Dec 2019 23:15
  3. Latvia
    10 Dec 2019 20:52


  1. Faroe Islands
  2. Iceland
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10 Dec 2019: Řecko
It's not exactly the right season, but at least the flight tickets are cheap now :) A map of Greece at your service!

9 Dec 2019: Denmark
We're generating Denmark, now you won't get lost in one of the oldest ZOOs in the world in Copenhagen.

5 Dec 2019: Azerbaijan
We're generating Azerbaijan. The real reason is that I wanted to have all the three Caucasus countries complete and I felt it needs something lighter on the machine after all the recent big countries.

5 Dec 2019: Sweden - missing contours
In Sweden, there are contours missing in a few places on the coast. However at the places where you might need them, they should be OK.

5 Dec 2019: Generating Romania
I forgot to tell you that since 3 Dec we are generating Romaniawhich is steadily growing in popularity as a trekking destination.

4 Dec 2019: Generating Sweden
Did you know that Sweden was one of the best places in Europe for watching northern lights? Now you won't get lost there.

4 Dec 2019: English news added
English news (that is this box) added. Yes, I decided that I will translate it (just from now on).


The maps are made for hiking/trekking, to my liking :) and to be reasonably fast on my eTrex 30. If you don't like something in the map, you have the following possibilities:

The maps still have a few faults about which I know. Hopefully they will disappear soon.