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Česky | English
  1. Lithuania - Winter
    28. 10. 2020 03:52
  2. North Macedonia - Winter
    28. 10. 2020 00:49
  3. Kosovo - Winter
    27. 10. 2020 21:48
  4. Ukraine - Winter
    27. 10. 2020 20:51
  5. Iran - Winter
    27. 10. 2020 14:24
  1. France - Winter
  2. Poland - Winter
  3. Romania - Winter
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I do the map generation in my free time and I have already spent hunderds of hours with it. Web hosting is not free and neither is hosting. I provide the maps for free, without a limit and there are no ads (anymore), or other tracking code (except for the contact page with the facebook page), so you don't have to click on no annoying GDPR banner. An original Garmin map costs about $50 - $100. That's why I'd be glad when, after trying the map out, you could return to this page and use one of the offered possibilities to donate at least symbolically. I think that's fair and it'll make me happy.


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If you don't like cryptocurrencies, you can donate with your card through PayPal - just be aware that Paypal will take some of the money.