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  1. Poland - Hiking
    13. 2. 2020 18:55
  2. Czechia - Hiking
    13. 2. 2020 11:03
  3. Austria - Hiking
    12. 2. 2020 21:59
  4. Slovakia - Hiking
    5. 2. 2020 12:37
  5. Luxembourg - Hiking
    4. 2. 2020 21:07
  1. Austria - Winter
  2. Germany - Bavaria - Hiking
  3. Hungary - Hiking

11 Jan 2020: News on Facebook from now on.
From now on, I will add news to the new page on Facebook (visible also in the Contact section). This bar will disappear in the future.

11 Jan 2020: A new download page.
Faster and maybe better arranged - and definitely better prepared for more countries to come.

10 Jan 2020: The map generation queue
I changed the way maps are queued for generation - maps being downloaded more often will be also more often generated. Right now you probably won't notice any difference as there are still 7 winter maps waiting for generation.

9 Jan 2020: Big Giveaway
Today I went big time, you can download not only a map of Saxony, but you also won't get lost when you go to say hello to the Prince of Liechtenstein.

6 Jan 2020: Winter maps 2
I kind of finished the winter style, simplified the TYP file syntax, so the GPS rendering should hopefully be faster... and finally scree and vineyards are displayed, that's one thing that should have worked for a long time. I'll add winter maps where it makes sense (you probably won't visit Malta to ski).

3 Jan 2020: Winter maps
There are first tries to render winter maps. It's not completely debugged, but it is somehow usable.

16 Dec 2019: Gallery
The gallery was moved to its own section, screenshots from the Fenix 6x watches added.

12 Dec 2019: Malta
We continue with small countries, generating Malta.

11 Dec 2019: Kypr
And to not forget small countries, I added also Cyprus.

11 Dec 2019: Switzerland
Likely the most iconic (and most expensive) alpine country can't miss here! We're generating Switzerland.

10 Dec 2019: Řecko
It's not exactly the right season, but at least the flight tickets are cheap now :) A map of Greece at your service!

9 Dec 2019: Denmark
We're generating Denmark, now you won't get lost in one of the oldest ZOOs in the world in Copenhagen.

5 Dec 2019: Azerbaijan
We're generating Azerbaijan. The real reason is that I wanted to have all the three Caucasus countries complete and I felt it needs something lighter on the machine after all the recent big countries.

5 Dec 2019: Sweden - missing contours
In Sweden, there are contours missing in a few places on the coast. However at the places where you might need them, they should be OK.

5 Dec 2019: Generating Romania
I forgot to tell you that since 3 Dec we are generating Romaniawhich is steadily growing in popularity as a trekking destination.

4 Dec 2019: Generating Sweden
Did you know that Sweden was one of the best places in Europe for watching northern lights? Now you won't get lost there.

4 Dec 2019: English news added
English news (that is this box) added. Yes, I decided that I will translate it (just from now on).

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I do the map generation in my free time and I have already spent hunderds of hours with it. Web hosting is not free and neither is hosting. I provide the maps for free, without a limit and there are no ads (anymore), or other tracking code (except for the contact page with the facebook page), so you don't have to click on no annoying GDPR banner. An original Garmin map costs about $50 - $100. That's why I'd be glad when, after trying the map out, you could return to this page and use one of the offered possibilities to donate at least symbolically. I think that's fair and it'll make me happy.


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